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Face Glows

Spa-Topia, owner Rebecca Payne LMT,as well as any other therapist working at Spa-Topia,
Do NOT in any way represent themselves or Spa-Topia as having or being Licensed Cosmetologists, or Aestheticians.

As Registered Massage Therapists, we specialize in Face Massage. With Spa-Topia's lotions, creams, oils & experienced massage techniques, we can help increase facial muscle tone, skins elasticity, & maintain skins radiant glow.

The Cosmopolitan Special $35
From oily to sensitive skin, the Cosmopolitan allows
you to have the best products at discount prices.

The Honey Lift $35
This sticky combination of natural honey,
& aloe vera help to exfoliate and moisturize.

Rejuvenating FaceLift Facial $65
Techniques used in this facial help to retrain saggy muscles & reduce fine lines. For best results it is recommended to be done once a week for 4 weeks then continued monthly. Weekly sequence of facials is $200, then $65 per monthly facial. Fulfill 5 consecutive months and receive a half priced facial every 6th month. Session lasts 70-75 minutes

Therapeutic Care

Aromatherapy Body Wrap $45

AromaTherapy is the practice of utilizing essential oils & their properties. They are extracted from aromatic plants & herbs to restore or enhance healthy living & well being.

Wraps Include dry brushing to the skin to increase circulation. A combination of essential oils, natual oils, and lotions is applied followed by a warm cocoon wrap.The wrap recycles your body heat allowing the oils to soak in leaving you silky & relaxed. Choose from flowering essential oils, a citrus blend, or single notes such as lavender or eucalyptus.

Salt Glow $35
A full body exfoliation to polish away that old dry skin & present the new glowing you. Treatment includes a shower afterwards.

Spa PediCare $30
Treatment includes a foot soak, an exfoliation process, paraffin treatment & massage. Polish provided upon request, & free of charge.

Hand Pampering $20
Pamper your hard working hands. Great for softening & relieving symptoms created by carpal tunnel syndrome. Treatment includes exfoliation, clay mask, paraffin and massage.

Paraffin Treatment $7
Paraffin helps in easing the pain of arthritis, removing dead skin cells, adding moisture to your skin. Treat your hands, feet, or elbows.

Specialty Services

Raindrop Therapy $65 per session
(Performed by Lisa Langdon and Rebecca Payne)

Raindrop Therapy is not a medical treatment, nor is it a massage. The Raindrop technique is a procedure for applying therapeutic-grade essential oils to the feet, back, and spine. With the use of 9 different essential oils and moist heat it combines aromatherapy and reflexology to create healing and cleansing. Raindrop Therapy can be done alone or combined with a massage.
A session last around 45-65 Minutes.

Reiki $45 per session
(Performed by Lisa Langdon)

A Reiki Treatment is a light, hands on process whereby a Reiki practitioner transfers universal energy to the recipient. A Reiki treatment is safe, non-intrusive and non-manipulative. There are no substances applied to the body, and the recipient remains fully clothed. Reiki works through bandages and casts. Reiki works in conjunction with and as an adjunct to medical and non-medical treatments and therapy

Foot Reflexology
30 minute $30
60 minute $55

(Performed by Lisa Langdon)

Foot Reflexology is very old, and was practiced as an ancient form of pressure treatment that uses the application of focused pressure on known "reflex" points that are found in the foot. The various points correspond to areas on and within the body. This is a drugless therapy and helps to create a physiological change in the body by naturally improving circulation, which reduces body tension and enhances relaxation. It also aids in the elimination of body waste and helps restore body functions for better health. Includes a foot soak.